Our Story

Many patients that we serve in the clinic will benefit from a longer life or better quality of life with their loved ones. The clinic has given hope to people that their medical issues will be addressed, and that has elevated their feelings of dignity and self worth.

In a country that is mired in poverty, where one’s own survival is precarious, people may not feel that they have any power to help others.

The basic neccessities to provide for their own families are hard to come by, and daily living occupies all of their energy. During one of our earlier trips, in 2005, our patients wondered aloud as to who might be paying us to help them.

They marveled that we would fill medication prescriptions at no charge. In the Philippines, even those who reach the safety of middle class may not have given thought to help those less fortunate.

Our clinic has inspired Filipinos to be charitable to each other. We have inspired medical professionals to give their time to give care. The providers who have volunteered with us have enjoyed giving free care to others. They feel that they are better people for doing so.