Our Focus

ACCESS TO HEALTHCAREThe annualclinic provides 1500 people with their sole opportunity to receive care that year. Achieving good health inspires our beneficiaries to seek improvement in education and employment, bettering their circumstances in many ways. Read more about Access to Healthcare »

MEDICAL SUPPLIES – In the Philippines, prospective patients are required to provide all the supplies and medications for treatment. We send over all of the supplies for our clinic, and deliver supplies for charitable care to other clinics as well. We have been able to provide beds and wheelchairs, lifting the patients’ spirits and dignity along with better health. Read more about Medical Supplies and Equipment »

PARTERS IN CHARITABLE CARE – With our clinic, we build partnerships with local providers, and invite specialists from other areas as well.  Also, we have been able to place our patients with specialty care doctors in Manila for complex procedures.  Providing clinical care to those in need is a straight forward business, yet it builds intertwining relationships among patients and providers.

We greatly admire our patients’ fortitude in the face of great obstacles. Our focus is to culture a growing tradition among specialists in Manila and doctors in the province to provide care for those in need.   After donating their time to perform extensive care, they respond to our gratitude by requesting more opportunities to give charitable care.

Read more about Partners in Charitable Care »