Our Services

Our services are all free,
-Major surgeries (Cleft, Hernia repair, Thyroidectomy, and Ovarian surgeries)
-Minor surgeries
-Dental extraction
-Pap smear
-Asthma treatments
-Pre natal
-Women’s education
-Send patient for life saving surgeries
-Patients consultations
Ongoing feeding program for indigent kids, which we provide with meals, tutoring them after school, provide school supplies and taking care of their overall health. We also pay tuition for some of them.
We do wellness for prisoner , providing consultation, dental extraction and minor surgeries.
We renovate school libraries and fill the library with books.
We donate to school hospital and clinics.

Partners with universities to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to study in the US Sponsored a partnership with government  officials to bring trade to the province of Leyte.